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Hiya. I am new, hope someone can help. 

I have really greasy facial skin, I have to wash it at least three times a day otherwise I am incredibly uncomfortable... No far nothing I have tried has worked to stop this, including ideas from the doc, but I havent really known what natural stuff I can try. Suggestions please?
Cross-posted to naturalliving and naturalskin.

So I've been breaking out really really bad these last few months. Like, many small and large under the skin as well as regular zits all over, mostly above my lip, on my chin, and all over my forehead. They stay for weeks at a time, bright red, and sometimes will reemerge in the same spot three or five times before one finally is done breaking out.

I eat well enough, drink water, take vitamins (multi, fish oil, vit D, vit b12 dissolving), drink a green drink, and eat plenty of yogurt.
On the bad side, I often go to sleep really late (I've been working on getting to bed by midnight and not straining my body that way), and have had severe stress to the point that I'm on a temporary prescription of xanax, and it seems to be getting worse so I might have to go back for something better. I am having a really hard time controlling the stress, or rather, letting go of it (it's more a physical sensation in my gut that prompts me to get mentally stressed then I start to freak out, hyperventilate at times, or just panic). At the same time I'm on a birth control (Loestrin FE) that takes away my period for the most part (something I like, because they were really bad) and have been on BC for over four years, this one for about two. I've been having slight crampyness in my stomach month-round, that makes me feel like it's "that time" when I know it's not. If I didn't know better, between the stress, the cramps, and the breaking out, I'd run out for a pregnancy test (trust me, that's not an issue). I'm also coming up due for my yearly pap this next month, so I was considering asking my gyn about switching BC if that might help. If it wouldn't, which I don't know, I'd just as soon stick with what I've got.

I know I need to see a doctor, and I will soon (within May, I suspect). But I was wondering if any of you might have any ideas for me, for what to look out for? I don't actually have my own doctor, so I have to go searching for one, and I really don't know what they'll be like, or how open they'll be to my suggestions. I'd like to get a full checkup and blood workup if my insurance will cover it, just to see where I stand. I think if my hormones are really so far out of whack it could affect a lot of things, right?

Anyhow, thanks for any advice on either subject, and for your kindness I have another link to share:

Make Your Own Cosmetics
This site has great recipes, here are the categories you'll find there:
handmade soap; makeup; body balms, oils, creams; bath soaks, salts, scrubs; natural homekeeping; facial and lip care; hand foot and hair care; baby and mommy to be
does anybody  know any really good tips fr flawless skin. I want perfect skin lol.
 I was really curious to try the OCM, so I've been researching it at length. I finally settled on 20% castor oil and 80% almond oil l(both from a health food store) with a couple drops of clary sage. I steamed my face with a washcloth. I thought I would have that heavy, greasy feeling that everybody talks about-but actually, my face looks great! I've done it twice now, and here are my questions:

1. I tend to break out, so is this formula eventually going to be too oily and cause blemishes? If so, I'm willing to change it up immediately! I don't have any blemishes right now, but I have a few really dark acne scars from previous blemishes, so my skin is really sensitive. 

2. How often do I use the OCM? If I only use it at night, what do I use in the morning?

3. Do you use a clean washcloth every time you wash your face? (that might be a silly question...) And, do you just throw them in the wash afterwards? Seems like they would be oily.

Thats all for now. Overall, my face has never looked better, but since I just started, I'm worried that it won't last! It doesn't feel heavy or greasy or anything like that. My skin isn't oily at all, just really sensitive, so I break out kinda frequently and scar easily.
hi everyone! i have a natural face wash product that ive been using for my skin that is prone to breakouts pretty much every other day. this stuff has worked really well for me, and i barely breakout anymore. its the best product ive ever used. i want to be able to mimic the recipe since im moving overseas soon and to keep buying the product is going to mean expensive shipping costs :( so, ive been reading recipe books and searching online for recipes that use similar ingredients but i havent had much luck. i was wondering if anyone here makes a recipe similar to this, or if someone has a suggestion on how much of each ingredient to use, or anything that would help. i really want to keep using this stuff since it works so great! i use it twice a day, my skin is combination, and ive used it for 3 months now with great results. anyways, i know this is a weird question but i figured it was worth a shot. thanks a lot :)

distilled spring water
saponified olive oil
saponified coconut oil
french green clay
green tea powder
allantoin powder
aloe vera
tea tree oil

the wash is a muddy green color that is very liquidy and you have to shake it before each use.
Does anybody a know a face mask or have sme tips for flawless glowing skin. i have blackhead and acne prone skin and i really want clear flawes skin. pLeeeeeeese help lo l
are there any good uses for cauliflower greens? can they be eaten? I hate to waist them!
hey, i have a request.
as winter aproaches, I find that my legs get very itchy and dry no amount of oil/ lotion seems to help, i've used ACV and Witch Hazel to keep back the itch, but does anyone have any other solutions/ recipes?
I'm thinking of buying this to try out.  Dry oils have worked for my perpetually oily face in the past.  The purer the oil, the quicker absorption rate.  Here's the ingredient list, what do you think?  I know it's expensive, but worth trying...right???

Anthyllis Vulneraria Extract, Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus Armeniaca), Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis), Peanut Oil (Arachis Hypogaea), Carrot Extract (Daucus Carota), Hypericum Perforatum Extract, Wheat Germ Oil (Triticum Vulgare), Calendula Officinalis Extract, Neem Leaf Extract (Melia Azadirachta), Jojoba Oil (Buxus Chinensis), Fragrance (Parfum), Citral (component of natural essential oils), Limonene (component of natural essential oils), Linalool (component of natural essential oils), Citronellol (component of natural essential oils), Geraniol (component of natural essential oils), Farnesol (component of natural essential oils), Benzyl Benzoate (component of natural essential oils), Benzyl Salicylate (component of natural essential oils), Eugenol (component of natural essential oils), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao)

My face would frequently break out and I would find myself going to have facials to try to keep the outbreaks to a minimum. A friend introduced me Monavie, an all natural fruit juice that contains the acai berry, probably nature's highest antioxidant. Also the acai’s phytosterols help reduce the

erosion of the skin’s protective coating. The acai also helps protect connective tissues, including

collagen. My skin has never looked better and my wife tells me it actually has a glow to it. Learn more about it at: www.mymonavie.com/gregandaurorarichard