Hi all,

I'm sorta writing here to vent and hopefully get some encouragement. I visited my GP the other day and asked her about two little red marks on my face which were caused by pimples that got infected a month ago (I'm pretty sure it was because of poor water quality while I was travelling in Central Australia). I was only asking her about them to see if vitamin E cream would help get rid of the red mark or if she could recommend something else.

Anyway she agreed that Vitamin E cream could help and told me to get an oil-free cream. She then went on to say that I should use oil-free suncream if I'll be outdoors and then asked me what moisturiser I am using. I reluctantly told her that I actually use a mix of castor and olive oils as a moisturiser (I've been doing the OCM since November). She told me "No, you need an oil free moisturiser" and then asked what I use as a face wash and I had to tell her that I actually use the oil mix to wash with also. She said "no, no, you need all oil-free because you have oily skin" and then told me to try cetaphil (something like that, I actually threw out the paper she wrote it on).

The whole thing was really frustrating because my GP tends to be a bit close minded towards any "natural" things - she isnt too bad, but she didnt really give me an opportunity to tell her how great the OCM is. My skin really isnt oily since I've been doing it, and I still get blemishes but no more than I ever used to.

I guess I'm just writing to see if anyone else has had negative feedback from GP's or other health professionals- even beauty therapists etc? I know this is going to come up again next time I visit my GP and I want to be armed with all the reasons why I will be continuing to do the OCM....