I've been VERY interested in aromatherapy/essential oils since I was a pre-teen, for everything from mood enhancement to homeopathic remedies to skin care (my favorite)! A few years ago I started making cold-process soap from scratch, and realized I could put two of my passions together! I've become confident enough in my soapmaking that I finally made my first aromatherapy soap - and YESSSS! It was a great success! :)

Youthful Complexion Soap -
Handmade by me with real therapeutic grade essential oils, natural powdered herbs, and high quality base oils! And it feels WONDERFUL on the face! I'm excited about how they turned out! Check it out at my Etsy store - I listed 4 bars to start out with: SOAPERHERO.ETSY.COM!!

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More soaps & lip balms coming very very soon too!