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Does anyone use pure Cocoa Butter and/or Shea butter as a moisturiser? I was just wondering because I have a bottle of Palmer's Coconut Butter & on the ingredients there are so many things added that I was wondering if it's necessary? Is it possible to just buy the pure butter and use that straight as a moisturiser? I know where I can buy the stuff but I'm not sure if it's sold as a base for cosmetics & you are meant to add to it....

I don't know much about Shea butter but I can also buy it pure from the same place so I was thinking if I can use both just straight as a moisturiser then I'll get them both and alternate between the two....

Anyone know?


(Posted to NaturalLiving also)

Well it depends if you are putting it on your face or not.

It also depends upon your skin type.
If you have oily skin, shea butter may not help with that.

I have never had a problem with being oily though, so I am not sure.

I have created a good cleanser though. It is not a unique cleanser. My skin type is sensitive and this works better then anything I buy in the stores. Though it costs me a little more to do this.

..and it takes time. I love though.

Goat Yogurt.
Raw Honey (melted on low heat to get the grains out of it)
and a tiny bit of lime juice if you have oily skin. I leave it out.

Then for a toner, I use spring water and Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinger...Depending on how oily your skin is you can use more or less.

I try to always wash my skin with filtered water, spring water, or distilled.

Good luck.
Cocoa Butter is good for stretch marks I have heard.

I like anything with glyercine in it.

Dr.Hauschka makes a good moisturizer though it is not cheap.