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I've just started the OCM this week and I'm trying to sort out a few little hiccups. The main one is- how do you keep it clean? Meaning how do you make sure that you don't get oil all over the bathroom.

I worry about damaging the towls and face washers that I'm using. Mum is a little concerned about putting oily things into the wash too. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep things clean?
??? Do your laundry with soap?
i was more talking about eliminating the mess. Obviously I'll do the laundry with soap! But i dont want things to stain in the meantime.
some people mix their oils together in a bottle and then just shake it up before each use. i just pour a small amount of each in a ceramic bowl then steam my face with the pot of hot water sitting in the sink. you could also do it in the kitchen. i use tissue to wipe off the excess and then jump in the shower and use a soft, wet cloth/rag to wipe off any that the water can't take off.
oh that reminds me- so you do have to shake the oils up? I wasnt sure cos they didnt look like they were separating so i've been just tipping it out of the bottle straight out instead of shaking it all up first...