i was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for a (vegan) ingrown hair treatment? my legs are horrible...for about hmmm 6 years now. i talked to a dermatologist about it years ago and she said, "its normal, i get it too, you just have to shave less often, theres no helping it." i actually gave up shaving completely about 4 years ago, and actually my legs look worse now. i know for a fact i have ingrown hairs because on a daily basis i can open up the skin wth my fingers and free the hairs. i just recently learned that im not supposed to do that, and its probably making it worse by using my fingers (ie causing infections?). but nevertheless, no matter how much i exfoliate and moisturize, i cant get rid of the ingrown hairs. im sure its a mix between ingrown hairs and that other skin problem that i cant think of the name for right now..the one where you get red bumps all over your skin ("chicken skin") i dont have a picture at the moment but basically on my skin, every single place where there is a hair follicle, it is either red around the hair, or there is a red ingrown hair spot. so i just have red spots completely covering my legs at all times. it even goes up my thighs. i dont have this problem anywhere else, OCCASIONALLY i will have a few tiny red bumps on the back of my arms but its never been a problem. everywhere else is fine. ive changed laundry detergents to all natural ones, and back again. nothing changes. i remember i tried oil pulling years ago..didnt work. im really trying to see if i can take care of this on my own the natural way before i try to go to a dermatologist again, a) because im a poor college grad, and b) becaues im in a foreign country at the moment and finding english doctors is annoying sometimes.

my skin looks worse after i shower/ exfoliate. the red bumps are even more red. exfoliating is painful..i use the exfoliating glove. if i use something thats softer, it doesn't exfoliate at all! so i have to use something thats a little stronger. it just hurts though..and makes me not want to do it...which makes the problem get even worse :( anyways, sorry for the long post...but if anyone has any suggestions on moisturizers, scrubs, methods, magic potions, or advice i would love to hear about it. just read about the ocm from earlier posts, thinking about trying that on my legs. thanks so much for reading :)